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About us

GAZEX is proprietary limited liabilities company (Kft) trading as a commodity merchant in wholesale market of natural gas, coal and oil.

Our main place of activites covers European markets with certain focuse on the countries with high liquidity and liberal market development trends.

We are going to have a comprehensive market coverage and structured portfolio. 

A geography of trading natural gas contracts are following:

  •     Hungary
  •     Czech Republic
  •     Germany
  •     Austria
  •     Italy
  •     Netherlands

Trading structured contracts of Coal and Oil are used especially for hedging operations and are purely financial without physical deliveries.

Our trading activities includes:

  •     Portfolio Modeling
  •     Physical Products
  •     Hedging

Our Goals:

We aim to have a mutually beneficial business with our partners and clients in the way of gaining from the opportunities of energy market. Taking into consideration the demands of our partners we enhance their possibilities of optimising portfolio strategies, energy purchasing and minimising procurement costs.