Business | Gaz-EX


Gazex is an active participant in the physical and financial natural gas markets in European Union. Our activities stretch across the main European hubs such as NBP in the UK, Zeebrugge in Belgium, TTF in Holland, as well as Gaspool and NCG in Germany. In the near future, we plan to expand into France (PEG Nord and PEG Sud), Austria (VTP), Italy (PSV) and Spain (AOC). We also trade cross-border at various locations throughout Europe.

While doing business with Gazex, you are dealing with quite flexible partner. We are covering midstream with the entire range from long-term to short-term structured contracts in:

  •     Gas physical, derivatives
  •     Coal derivatives
  •     Oil derivatives

We also trade in gas storage, either physical or virtual contracts thus assisting our partners in managing their various risks.